Payment Plans

AAA Gas & Appliance accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. We also offer a number of affordable payment plans that can make paying for your propane supply easier and more manageable.

Budget Plan

To help you balance your budget, our Budget Plan divides your annual propane costs into equal monthly payments. Your annual cost is based on estimated use and any balance discrepancies are settled up at the end of the year.

Lock-In Rate Program

Like all commodities, propane prices fluctuate, which can make predicting your annual energy expenses somewhat difficult. However, AAA Gas & Appliance makes it easier on you with our Lock-In Rate Program. This program allows you to lock in a low rate during the spring or summer, so that your price won’t rise during fall or winter.

Pre-Buy Program

Some customers prefer to purchase all of their propane for the year in advance and be done with it. And AAA Gas & Appliance gives you the power to do exactly that. This way, you can simply get it and forget it.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Rather than pick up the phone or head to the mailbox, you can pay for your AAA Gas & Appliance propane supply via convenient and secure electronic funds transfer. Sign up for My AAAccount to begin paying your bills online.

You’ll also be able to look up your AAAccount History, and sign up online for paperless billing, price protection, service agreements and rental agreements.